Slightly Slower Brittany

In Instant Brittany, the last post that I shared, I presented, for your delight…well…instant pinhole shots from our holiday to Brittany. I probably promised there would be more to come, perhaps you need to go back and check on that. Even if I didn’t though, here they are, the slightly slower Brittany shots!


We were really rather lucky to have generally decent weather, at least that’s what you would assume from these shots. What they don’t show is the incredible rain showers that suddenly descended at times. For example, just after I managed to capture A capturing an image in the rather wonderful megalithic landscape near St Just we were sheltering under trees wondering if we needed to start building a boat.

We didn’t of course, which was probably just as well as I am not so handy and I’m not sure the local farmers would have appreciated us chopping down their trees. Just as well really. Oh, and of course I probably would not have been able to withstand the humiliation of my boat being simply substandard compared to the local’s fleet.


The local craft were in evidence whenever we hit the stunning coastline near to Dinan, where we were staying. We found not only incredible sandy beaches, and buoys hanging out on those beaches (I guess they must be beach buoys), but a rocky coastline that in places has to be seen to be believed.

Set amongst these rocks are tidal pools, more sandy beaches, and some of the most isolated yet beautiful communities I have seen. Whilst life is probably not so harsh in those places now, I can only imagine what it would have been like before central heating, electricity and cars. Some of the houses are right next to the crashing ocean (and it can really crash) with only a little respite from the elements. There’s really an incredible savage beauty to the place that I cannot really describe well, and I am not sure my photos do the area much justice.


With the clouds of course, come somewhat dramatic sunsets…most of which I admired over a bottle of wine (or the local beer, which is getting surprisingly decent now) and a galette, crepe or other such delights. Honestly, at the point when the waiter set fire to a tower of meat and fish at the table next to us (all part of the plan I should stress) I realised that I might never eat again…and there was a particular tarte tatin that nearly finished me off.


Anyway, back to the sunsets, as you can see they were kinda purty and made me feel all gooey inside as I waited for the trusty Zero 2000 (responsible for all of this goodness) to do her thing. I have often neglected my second Zero as I always seemed to reach for the 69, but since her little accident (more here on that joy!) I’ve defaulted back to Z2K. I have to say that I would prefer it if Z2K was a little sharper, but you know you have to love your children regardless…even if you then purchase other babies to play with (more on that bombshell soon). With that, I shall say adieu, and leave you with nothing but a magnificent viaduct for company. Happy shooting Pinholistas, happy shooting.